Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Proverbs 31:8

An advocate is someone who speaks out on behalf of someone else to bring about justice. In Jesus we have the perfect example of an advocate. While we were still God’s enemies, he died on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven. Now he pleads with God on our behalf, as our advocate in heaven. There are many other examples of advocacy in action in the Bible, including Abraham, Moses and Nehemiah.

Advocacy means to speak or take action either with, or on behalf of, the poor, to change the situations that cause their poverty and bring about justice.

Please find below articles from Footsteps issue 45 in html.

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  • AIDS survey

    We carried out a survey in Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo to analyse certain factors concerning AIDS among young people. Our findings included the following information:

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  • Bamboo water pipes

    Bamboo has many uses in our homes, such as for poles, gutters, furniture and mats. Yet not many farmers cultivate it and usually it just grows wild. Bamboo can also be used to make excellent low-cost water pipes.

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  • Bible study: Being an advocate

    Being an advocate Read Nehemiah 1-2 and Exodus 2-5 These stories about Nehemiah and Moses show that there are various stages and approaches to learn from, when acting as an advocate.

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  • Case studies from around the world

    When we Christians get involved directly in advocacy, whether our concern is to support the life of one individual or a whole community, our participation reflects the maturity and conscience of our shared faith. Individual salvation ceases to be our main aim. Advocacy is the start of a process where we become responsible for what God has asked of us from the beginning: to take care of the lives of our brothers and sisters.

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  • Editorial

    Speaking out Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Proverbs 31:8

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  • Historic peacemaking moves

    by Andrew Wheeler. The Dinka and Nuer people of Southern Sudan had been in conflict with each other for many years. Cattle raiding, armed fights, abducting women and children and fighting over fishing and grazing rights had resulted in a band of ‘no-man’s land’ 50–100 miles wide between them. This strip of land contained much of the best dry season grazing and fishing.

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  • I will speak out… for those who have no voices

    Preparation time is over. You have worked through the advocacy cycle, made decisions, shared ideas and plans with others involved. Now it is time to speak out. How can you present a good case? How can you make sure your letters or articles are read? How can you make sure people will respond to radio items or talks? On these pages you will find some practical tips.

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  • Letters

    Practical beekeeping After writing something about bees which was published in Paso a Paso, I’ve received advice and queries from all over the world, which really pleased me.

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  • Resources

    Advocacy Study Pack by Andy Atkins and Graham Gordon This is a comprehensive and practical introduction to advocacy work with plenty of ideas, examples and case studies from Tearfund partners around the world. It is available free of charge for those wishing to increase their involvement in advocacy from the address below.

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  • Solidarity groups for education

    Promoting children’s schooling is a key concern of our government. However, in the rural areas, parents often struggle with school fees because of their low income. We would like to share the experience of parents from Aklampa, Glazoué in the Republic of Benin. In Aklampa, we encouraged parents to work together to achieve what they could not manage alone. They formed community savings groups known as tontines. These were led by one person responsible for collecting the money. They made ...

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  • Support for Christian communities

    A French speaking organisation in Togo – Assistance aux Initiatives des Communautés Chrétiennes d’Afrique (Assistance to the Initiatives of the Christian Communities of Africa) is involved in assisting small projects of all kinds run by Christian communities in Africa, Madagascar and the Mauritius Islands. It can help provide finance, equipment and technical support necessary for carrying out these projects. Its coordinator comments, ‘We are looking for partners throughout the world who can ...

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  • The advocacy cycle

    The basic procedure is the same for all types of advocacy and it can be helpful to picture this as a six-step cycle. 

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  • The Patuca Dam

    by Osvaldo Munguia and Graham Gordon. MOPAWI is an NGO which began in 1985, based in La Mosquitia region of Honduras, Central America. This is a vast expanse of unspoilt rain forest with many protected areas. MOPAWI works for the sustainable development of the indigenous people in the region.

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