One of the main activities of PRODAD in Nicaragua, is encouraging kitchen gardens.

PRODAD teaches people that growing vegetables improves both nutrition and the household economy. They use a demonstration plot to encourage families of the benefits of kitchen gardens. PRODAD provides practical training in growing vegetables and medicinal plants.

Families use waste-water from the kitchen to water the gardens. This works well as long as there are not too many chemicals in it. This programme has had an impact on various areas of family life:

Improved nutrition People now eat many more vegetables and have a more balanced diet.

Health Families used to grow their own medicinal plants. Today most people buy drugs in shops. PRODAD is trying to recover the tradition of growing medicinal plants to save costs.

Economy People can save money by producing their own vegetables.

Spiritual The church learnt that their work was incomplete if they only helped people’s spiritual needs and neglected their practical needs. They believe the kitchen gardens improve both the diet and integral life of the family.

PRODAD (Programa de Alimentación y Desarrollo) is a programme of the Assemblies of God church in Condega, Nicaragua.