Our attitude towards money.  

God has created and provided us with everything we have, therefore we have a responsibility to look after the resources he has given us. What we have should be viewed as a gift from God and not as something that we have a right to. Acommon worldview is that having wealth is important. However, riches and blessing are not necessarily linked. Many people in the Bible who served God faithfully and were blessed by him were materially poor.

The way we handle our money and possessions is an indication of our commitment to God. God focuses on our attitudes towards what we have, not on how much we have. Only when our attitude is right will we use money in a way that best serves God and those around us.

Read Matthew 6:19-34

This passage is part of the ‘Sermon on the Mount’, where Jesus is speaking about the Kingdom of God. It challenges our attitudes towards money and possessions.

  • What does it mean to store up treasures in heaven?
  • How do Kingdom of God attitudes differ from the attitudes of the world?
  • Verse 24 says that we can serve either God or money but not both. What practical steps can we take so that we are not tempted to serve money?
  • What do verses 25-34 tell us about the security we find in God? How does that compare to the security we find in money?
  • How does this passage challenge us as we consider how we use our money: individually? as an organisation?

by Rachel Blackman.