Bible study: Knowing and sharing our impact

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Read Luke 1:1-4 

As Christians, we believe that Jesus’s life on earth brought about the biggest change in history. Reading Luke’s gospel helps us understand the transformation that Jesus brought to people’s lives, and how our lives can be transformed too. 

Investigating the truth 

Stories about Jesus were first shared orally by people who had known him while he was on earth. These stories were then written down. Luke tells us at the start of his gospel that he carefully investigated all the accounts of Jesus’ life to draw up an orderly report. 

  • Why did Luke write his account?
  • What skills would Luke have needed as he investigated these things carefully?
  • How do we benefit today from the work Luke has done?

By carefully examining what has happened in a particular situation, we can understand how change takes place. We can learn from other people’s experience and see God’s hand at work. This is true for us as we monitor and evaluate our work.

  • How can we honour God as we monitor our projects and gather feedback from the people we are serving? 
Sharing our story 

With God’s help, churches and Christian organisations are doing great, important work. Sharing what has worked well and the lessons we have learnt can help others to grow. And when people see that transformation is happening for other people and communities, this gives them hope for their own lives. As people see Christians truly caring for others, it shows God’s love in action.

  • How does it honour God when we communicate the impact of our work?
  • How can you best communicate the impact of your work?

This Bible study was adapted from a talk by Jairo Arce. Jairo is the director of CIEETS, a Tearfund partner in Nicaragua. Email: