Over the years, Footsteps has covered topics from water to women’s health, from pollution to poultry-keeping. We always love to hear from our readers, and recently we asked you which Footsteps article had been most helpful to you. Below are some of your replies (plus some from the Footsteps readership survey – see page 4). 

Philip, Nigeria 

The article which is most helpful to me from the previous editions is ‘Effective writing’, from the 71st edition of Footsteps. This is because I am a writer, author and preacher. I got useful tips from the whole edition which helped in the improvement of my writing ministry. 

Théophile, Cameroon 

For the preparation of the special anniversary issue number 100, I am writing on behalf of all of us at SODENKO to let you know that the article entitled ‘The beginning of the end of AIDS’ [in Footsteps 98] was the most useful to us. This article comforts us with great hope for the end of this illness, which has caused many deaths in our region and continues to do so. 

Our sincere thanks for the work of Footsteps magazine. It has been helping and educating us for many years with its educational and constructive information. 

Malcolm, Guyana 

In the May 2013 issue, Footsteps 91, the article ‘Saving a mother’s life’ has created interest here, in view of what is happening in Guyana. Maternal deaths occur often at our general hospital. This article is being used by me to put together a research paper on maternal deaths, to be delivered to the Guyana doctors’ council. 

Jacintha, Kenya 

We have directly used Footsteps 92 magazine’s articles on the ABC of conflict analysis, the ABC triangle and its Bible study. Your resource suggestions at the back will also be followed up. Every part of your magazine is easy to read for all our staff. It is inspiring and interesting to read similar experiences in other parts of the world. 

David and Heather, Uganda 

Footsteps 87 on non-communicable diseases was very valuable – the health centre staff used it for teaching adults. ‘So many health topics are geared towards women and children; this topic affects men as well,’ said a man from a health centre. 

The issue on safe motherhood [Footsteps 91] was excellent. We have used the materials for radio shows and also as part of the training we do on the first 1,000 days of a child’s life. It was a very practical issue with some good biblical materials. 

Isabel Carter, UK 
Isabel was the editor of Footsteps from 1989 to 2007. 

It sounded such a simple question. Which was your favourite Footsteps issue? It made me wonder how many issues I had actually edited. Looking back through the issues, I reckoned it was 67. And years later, each one still carries with it a load of memories.  

So how to choose a favourite one? The family planning ones were very challenging to put together but were incredibly popular. The editions on dental health, traditional medicines, TB and HIV were all fascinating.  

But I think I will go for issue 58 on ‘Theatre for development’. I was so inspired by the content when putting this issue together. It highlighted the power of theatre or roleplay in communicating any kind of information – whether helping children recover from the trauma of war or in discussing sensitive issues of sexual health. It shared the fun people have when working together to communicate in this way, and highlighted using music and song to underpin the message. A powerful and potentially life-changing issue! This photo from Nepal sums up the power of theatre.

This photo from Nepal sums up the power of theatre. Photo: Anders Thormann

This photo from Nepal sums up the power of theatre. Photo: Anders Thormann