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Umoja means ‘togetherness’ in Swahili. The process helps church leaders and their congregations work together with the local community to bring about positive change for the whole community.  

Umoja Facilitator's Guide front cover

The Facilitator’s guide contains Bible studies, activities, energisers, tools and advice. It includes a step-by-step guide to help a church and community become inspired and start working for transformation in their community. 

The Co-ordinator’s guide provides everything that an organisation or church needs to know to start and manage an Umoja programme across a number of local communities.  

Available in English, French and Portuguese. Buy one guide for £14 or both guides together for only £20 (including postage and packaging). Visit to download a free copy. 


KoBoToolbox is a free data collection tool that can be used on Android smartphones and tablets. Although it is simple, you can use it to create some very complex questionnaires.  

To use KoBoToolbox, you create your questionnaire while connected to the internet from a computer. Then, before leaving to do your research, upload the form to either a smartphone or tablet (portable computer) using the linked KoBoCollect application. You can then move away from the internet and collect the data using the programme. At the end of the day, when you return and connect to the internet again, simply upload the data stored on your phone or tablet

KoBoToolbox can also display the questions in different languages. 


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ROOTS 5: Project cycle management 

Project cycle management (PCM) is the process of planning and managing projects and programmes. This ROOTS book describes the project cycle. It explains the use of planning tools such as needs assessments, capacity assessments and stakeholder analysis. It shows clearly how to develop a logical framework. 

ROOTS 5 Project cycle management front cover

Available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Costs £12 (including postage and packaging). Visit to download a free copy. 

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Useful websites

Provides templates, reviews and step-by-step guides for development and aid workers. Includes sections on programme design, monitoring and evaluation, and participation. In English.

Links to Tearfund’s resources on impact and evaluation. Includes Tearfund’s own impact and effectiveness report, available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. 

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has put together some useful monitoring and evaluation resources. Although they are aimed at people working on IFRC projects, they contain helpful information for other users. 

Resources include:

  • Project/programme monitoring and evaluation (M&E) guide – Detailed guide to monitoring and evaluation. Available in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Albanian.
  • PMER (planning, monitoring, evaluation, reporting) pocket guide – A shorter field guide. Available in English and Spanish.
  • Baseline basics – A short guide on how to conduct baseline studies. Available in English only.