Are people with disabilities being overlooked?

When a project caters for people who are vulnerable, disabled people are not always included. In Zambia we have programmes for orphans and vulnerable children. Very few, if any, of these programmes have disability issues as one of the key aspects of their work.

Disabled children continue being side-lined. They have no access to education, training, rehabilitation services and even employment opportunities when they are grown, particularly in rural areas. The programmes are biased towards HIV- and AIDS-related concerns.

How is the situation in other countries? I would like to hear the comments of other people on my observation.

Bosswell Mboozi

Chikankata College of Biomedical Sciences, Private Bag S2, Chikankata, Zambia

Using Footsteps as a teaching aid in Cuba

I have been receiving Footsteps for many years, and it has had a big impact. Through Footsteps I have been able to teach my medical students about different cultures outside of Cuba. I am a doctor and medical professor, and have used examples from the magazine in my classes – for example, number 61 from 2005 which talked about the impact of HIV and AIDS on children. Also, we have used it in community work with young people, and in my church we have enjoyed the articles about health and sexuality. We use and show the drawings and photos in some classes.

A Footsteps reader from Cuba

Healthy eating

Healthy eating has been a great concern in our community. It was not being adhered to, but it is now embraced by community members. Footsteps issue 87 of January 2012 addressed the topic, and has reduced health problems in pregnant mothers and people with diabetes.

Our community is more concerned with their health than ever before. They now eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals and legumes. Smoking and alcohol use has now reduced drastically. Thank you for your good and informative magazine, which has supported our community health training workshops.

J. B. Cheruyyot

Wheritage Community Health Association, Kenya  

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