C18 Local resources

  • Within the local community there are often many valuable sources of information. Elder people in particular are often a huge store of information about the local environment, cultural traditions and customs, and the uses of local plants and animals, particularly for their medicinal qualities.
  • There is a quotation saying that ‘each time an old person dies, a whole library of information dies with them’.


  • What do participants think of this quotation? How may this problem be avoided? What information is it important to learn?
  • Discuss what local sources of information participants find useful. Who (or what) do they turn to first?
  • Are there innovative farmers in the local area – farmers who are always trying out new ideas, often regarded as slightly odd by others in the community? Can local people visit and learn from them?
  • Are there herbalists or traditional birth attendants or retired men with experience in local government?
  • What kind of information is available locally which participants fail to find?