C19 Outside information

  • New ideas often require new sources of information and resources. All groups need to develop their methods of obtaining such new information. This will often mean building relationships with individuals in organisations, especially where they may be able to help with obtaining useful information about other organisations, suppliers, purchasers of new goods, crafts or products.
  • What printed information does the group have access to? Many newsletters and some books can be obtained free of charge. Try to build up a small resource centre.
  • Information may bring the knowledge, power and confidence to make changes.


  • Encourage participants to discuss any useful sources of outside information they have found. Help participants to list all the likely sources of outside information. Which ones have never been used by participants? Why? Examples might be research institutes, universities, British Council libraries and the internet.
  • What sources of printed information do group members have access to? How could members share this information? Do any have access to newsletters? Often these will refer to other useful newsletters or resources.
  • Does the group have any money to buy information in the form of useful books or manuals?