chlorine bleach a strong chemical that can be used to make water safe for drinking. 

cholera a serious disease causing severe diarrhoea with vomiting caused by food and water that is made dirty with faeces. Unless treated it can cause rapid dehydration and death in a few hours.  

community people living in one local area, often with the same culture and similar interests.  

defecate to pass faeces from the body

dehydration losing more fluid from the body than is replaced by drinking

development a process of change that should lead to improvements in social and financial well-being and increased confidence

diarrhoea microbial disease that results in passing at least three very watery faeces a day and causes dehydration

dysentery a type of severe diarrhoea where there is fever, and blood and mucus in the faeces

faeces solid waste products from the body

HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus

hygiene clean and healthy practices that maintain good health

latrine a small building or structure, usually separate from a house, where people go to get rid of faeces and urine

malaria a serious disease, resulting from the bite of an infected mosquito, which causes repeated high fever and headaches and may cause death

menstruation the regular monthly loss of blood and womb lining from a woman of child-bearing age

microbes a general term to describe the many different kinds of microorganisms which can cause diarrhoea and disease

nausea the unpleasant feeling of being about to vomit

NGOs non-governmental organisations managed independently of government 

ORS Oral Rehydration Salts that are mixed with water to prevent dehydration due to diarrhoea

sanitation safe methods to dispose of human faeces, urine and other household waste

soakaway drainage area or pit for waste water, usually filled with stones to provide good drainage and to prevent pools of waste water forming that attract flies and allow mosquitoes to breed

SODIS using the sun’s energy to make water safe for drinking

typhoid a serious disease resulting from food and water made dirty by faeces from an infected person, that causes severe fever, headache, stomach pain and skin rash

urine liquid waste product from the body

womb (or uterus) the protective female organ in which a baby grows