PILLARS Guides encourage small community groups to take responsibility for their own development by facilitating a process of discussion-based learning and action. The Guides cover a range of topics (including food security, hygiene and healthy eating) which are designed to help people reflect on and implement relevant changes in their communities.

The PILLARS DVD provides an introduction to the PILLARS approach to learning and development. It can be used alongside Tearfund’s Facilitation Skills Manual and PILLARS Workbook (PDF 870 KB), as a tool to train people to use, translate or write PILLARS Guides.

The DVD contains seven sections which are between 3 and 13 minutes long. Each section ends with ideas for practical activities and discussion.

If you are unable to view the DVD online, you can order a copy from roots@tearfund.org. Tearfund will send one free copy of the DVD to organisations in the South. The DVD costs £15 (US $30, €22) to organisations in the North.

PILLARS DVD part 1 - The PILLARS vision

PILLARS DVD part 2 - How it works

PILLARS DVD part 3 - Making the PILLARS process work for you

PILLARS DVD part 4 - Facilitation skills

PILLARS DVD part 5 - Translation

PILLARS DVD part 6 - Writing new guides

PILLARS DVD part 7 - What's next?