Thinking Theology

A short introduction to mission  

This short guide introduces Tearfund’s theology of mission. It looks at what the Bible says about mission, at how Jesus Christ shows us what mission is, and at how we learn to participate in mission ourselves.

English (PDF 161 KB)
French (PDF 156 KB)
Spanish (PDF 154 KB)
Portuguese (PDF (164 KB)

What’s my Part?

What’s my part? is a set of six short Bible studies designed to help you understand mission and to reflect on your part in God’s mission to redeem and restore relationships with all of creation. They are designed to be worked through in a series.

English (PDF 898 KB)
French (PDF 876 KB)
Spanish (PDF 820 KB)
Portuguese (PDF 777 KB)

Made in the Image of God

The importance of the Imago Dei for issues in international development.

Made in image of God front cover

English (PDF 1.2 MB)