Characteristics of Christian development

Tearfund aims to promote Christian development which is characterised by: 

  • compassion and respect for those in need, regardless of their religious beliefs
  • justice – speaking up on behalf of the powerless and enabling them to speak up for themselves against injustice which leads to poverty
  • character – that the character of Christ should be evident in the way work is done - with righteousness and justice, mercy and peacemaking
  • cultural sensitivity, recognising that the resources and knowledge of all cultures and communities are valuable
  • cultural transformation, recognising that no culture is without fault and that the values of the gospel challenge all cultures at some point
  • mutual accountability, trust and transparency
  • good leadership which puts others' needs first
  • empowerment which enables people to make choices, to have a voice and to become agents of change
  • participation of all in the community so that the community itself truly owns the projects carried out
  • sustainability – a process of ongoing personal and community change that comes from within the community itself
  • integration – helping communities to address their different needs through cooperation within the community and with other groups, both Christian and non-Christian