Case studies on the church and advocacy

Below you will find a selection of case studies about the church and advocacy. We also have a wider searchable database of advocacy case studies on various topics.

Developing a memorandum of understanding with local politicians, Zambia 

A group of church leaders in Mapalo, Zambia, were passionate about seeing their community transformed. They worked with the community in identifying the needs of the area and in identifying what contributions the community themselves could make to addressing those needs. The church leaders then created a memorandum of understanding between the local candidates standing for election as Councillors and Members of Parliament and their community – outlining the community needs and calling on the candidates to commit to helping meet the stated needs within three years. Every candidate standing for election ended up signing the memorandum of understanding in the run-up to the elections. The community now has a united vision of what their needs are and a powerful lobbying tool to use with their newly elected Councillors and MP.

Click here for the full case study (PDF 63.4 KB) written by the Jubilee Centre in Zambia.

Working to envision and equip Christians and churches in politics, Kenya 

Two organisations in Kenya (FASAMO and Christians for a Just Society) were formed in response to the lack of church engagement in the political life of the country and to the struggle that Christian politicians have in maintaining their faith and distinctiveness once in power. These organisations are working closely with those Christians interested in politics, preparing them and training them in such issues as: relating to the media and running campaigns; working with civil society groups in ensuring peaceful and fair elections; and working with local churches, addressing negative attitudes towards faith and politics through Bible study resources and teaching.

Click here for a case study on their work (PDF 16 KB).

Restoring relationships within a divided community to enable community development, Peru

La Florida Assemblies of God Church initiated a process of reconciliation between conflicting political authorities to enable a seven-year community development plan for their community to be agreed and implemented.

Click here for a case study on their work (PDF 394 KB).

Developing church leaders as advocacy practitioners, EthiopiaThe advocacy department in Kale Heywet Church, Ethiopia, trains church leaders as advocacy practitioners to support people when they suffer injustice. The training is provided by six lawyers, all of whom are also church leaders.

Click here for a short case study on their work (PDF 34 KB). 

African Revival Ministries, Burundi

The Batwa pygmy people in Burundi have been much discriminated against and denied access to education and land. As part of its work, African Revival Ministries (ARM) has worked with local churches to address their prejudices and encourage them to care for the Batwa in their community. Some churches are now helping them to build houses on land obtained for them through the lobbying work of ARM.

Click here for a short case study on the work of ARM (PDF 32 KB).

Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia, Cambodia

The Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia (EFC) has worked closely with churches to encourage them to offer active support to the government’s stance against pornography and to participate in a march against the rapid increase in the availability of explicit videos and magazines.

Click here for a short case study on this work of EFC (PDF 32 KB). 

More examples of church advocacy

Project Speak, Brazil  

Project Speak, launched in Brazil by IFES in 2001, campaigns on trade, child labour and the environment. It encourages churches to send campaign cards to politicians and to form prayer groups in support of its work.
The Vine, Egypt

This NGO works directly with local churches in Egypt, raising their awareness of their human rights and empowering the church to act against religious persecution.
Peace and Hope, Peru

In addition to training church pastors about integral mission and sexual health, Peace and Hope also trains them in human rights and campaigning.
Fundación Asociana, Argentina 

Asociana is closely linked to the Anglican church in Argentina, and is a key organisation in pushing for land rights for indigenous Indians. It facilitates meetings between the indigenous community and officials, enables indigenous groups to do research into the issues, enables them to speak to the media and organises demonstrations. Local Christians are very involved, and there have even been prayer meetings held as part of road-block demonstrations.
Commission for Africa submission 

Tearfund helped 17 African evangelical church leaders among them Tearfund partners and Micah Network members, including the Archbishop of Tanzania, to submit a report to the Commission for Africa in 2004.