Issue-focused church and community mobilisation

Summary: A church, or group of churches, is envisioned and mobilised to then mobilise the whole community to respond to a specific issue.

Good for: Achieving significant community transformation around a specific issue

Click on these links for case studies:  

Kale Heywet Church’s Urban Ministries Department, Ethiopia – a church development department that has helped tens of churches to assist their local communities (PDF 46 KB)

Free Methodist Church in Congo - a church denomination that has trained its pastors in mobilising the community to re-build schools (PDF 48 KB)

CBCA Baptist Church, DRC - a district level church that addressed clean water access issues through church and community mobilisation (PDF 67 KB)

Overview of other Tearfund partners using issue-focused church and community mobilisation models (PDF 33 KB)

Click on these links for information about issue-focused church and community mobilisation:  

A simple step-by-step guide to this model (PDF 48 KB)