Case studies of local church involvement in disaster management

1. Mobilising the church in northern Kenya: a case study on Tearfund's work in mobilising local churches in drought-affected northern Kenya

2. Earthquake response – the church volunteers: a case study on how a number of Mumbai churches sent volunteers to assist in the aftermath of the Gujarat earthquake in India

3. The tsunami hits – the church responds: a case study on the response of two denominations to the immediate aftermath of the tsunami that hit southern India and other parts of Asia

4. Annual flooding – the church prepares: a case study on the organising and training of churches in the Brahmaputra Valley in India to respond to the annual floods

5. Christians in conflict – the church as peacemaker: a case study on the role of senior church leaders in bringing reconciliation to two warring tribes

6. Crossing oceans: a case study about how three Christian relief agencies worked with a local church in responding to the tsunami aftermath in the Andaman Islands

7. Local churches fight hunger and poverty in Malawi: a case study on the work of the Living Waters Church denomination of Malawi in mobilising more than 60 local churches in disaster risk reduction