Roles of the local church in disaster management

There are a number of key complementary roles, or niche areas, that local churches can play in contexts of disaster management. 

For the full list, click here (PDF 93 KB).

For individual roles, click on the links below:

1. Facilitator of community action (PDF 33 KB)
2. Connector with the wider world (PDF 34 KB)
3. Advocate on behalf of the poor and marginalised (PDF 36 KB)
4. Provider of relational care and support (PDF 36 KB)
5. Community peace-builder and force for cohesion (PDF 34 KB)
6. Influencer and shaper of values (PDF 34 KB)
7. Provider of resources (PDF 35 KB)
8. Immediate responder to sudden-onset disasters (PDF 32 KB)

For examples of how these roles have been outworked in practice, click here (PDF 75 KB).