Mobilising whole denominations


A whole denomination is envisioned and mobilised, through an organisational change process that re-orientates its vision and structure around integral mission. This empowers each local church congregation within the denomination to take action to address community needs.

Good for: 

Mobilising a large number of churches relatively quickly where there is strong support and buy-in from senior denominational leaders.

Case studies 

Kale Heywet Church, Ethiopia – Project Gilgal, an organisational change process aimed at changing the values and culture of a denomination of 5,000 churches so that they focus on integral mission (PDF 44 KB)

Further information:  

Step-by-step guide to this model (PDF 32 KB)

Strengths and weaknesses of mobilising denominations (PDF 42 KB)

An evaluation report comparing this model with other models of church mobilisation (PDF 444 KB)

Creating Space for Grace (PDF 874 KB) by Rick James – a short book that explores a faith-based approach to organisational change