Open-ended church mobilisation


A church, or group of churches, is envisioned and mobilised to identify and respond to the needs of their community. The resulting initiatives are not predetermined, but are based on the community needs assessment completed by the church. (This differs from church and community mobilisation because only the church takes action to address the needs identified.)

Good for: 

Mobilising churches relatively quickly to address contextually specific needs in their community.

Case studies: 

Click on the following links for case studies about open-ended church mobilisation:
Transforma, Peru – an organisation that has mobilised many churches to address context-specific issues in their communities (PDF 95 KB)

Living Waters Church, Malawi – a denomination that has mobilised 49 of its local congregations through workshops, pilot projects and facilitation (PDF 124 KB)

ACK Kamatakimo, Kenya – a denominational organisation that has encouraged local churches to raise and utilise their own resources through good stewardship (PDF 91 KB)

An overview of Tearfund partners using open-ended church mobilisation (PDF 48 KB)

Further information about open-ended church mobilisation: 

Step-by-step guide to this model (PDF 32 KB)

Training resources