Training resources for open-ended church mobilisation


Umoja is an exciting and comprehensive set of training manuals for those who want to envision and equip the local church to work for transformation in their communities. Umoja contains Bible studies, activities, tools, energisers, advice and a step-by-step process, helping churches gain a vision for community involvement, helping communities assess their needs and resources, and helping whole communities envision, plan and work for a better future.

Mobilising the church PILLARS Guide

Mobilising the church is comprised of 23 Bible study discussions based around the role of the church, leadership, Bible study groups, planning, working within the community and maintaining the vision of the church. The guide is designed for use in small community groups such as youth groups, church groups, women’s groups, farmer groups and literacy groups. A trained leader is not required, just one literate person. The guide has been widely used throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Guide our steps

Guide our steps is a collection of 101 Bible studies that can be used by church groups and during workshops and seminars. The Bible studies explore different themes related to faith and development, including advocacy, the church’s role, water and sanitation, health, disasters, and living in unity.

Related documents 

Please note: these documents are included for interest and discussion and do not necessarily reflect Tearfund policy. 

  • Disasters and the local church: Published in 2011, this book provides guidelines for church leaders in disaster-prone areas of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • ROOTS 11 – Partnering with the local church: This is a practical and useful book for Christian organisations that work with local churches, including NGOs and church denominations.
  • The Micah Declaration on Integral Mission (September 2001) of which Tearfund is a signatory.