Key learning in disasters

Tearfund is collating key learning around our Quality Standards commitments in order to facilitate learning from our experiences and continual improvement. The transferrable learning is drawn from external project evaluation reports, field monitoring visits and debriefings with staff and partners. The learning is presented in the form of ‘specific actionable recommendations’ in the links below:

Values (PDF 27 KB)
Impartiality and targeting (PDF 32 KB)
Beneficiary accountability (PDF 44 KB)
Disaster Risk Reduction (PDF 48 KB)
Children (PDF 28 KB)
Gender (PDF 34 KB)
Conflict (PDF 30 KB)
Environment (PDF 33 KB)
Sustainability (PDF 52 KB)>
Advocacy (PDF 37 KB)

Technical quality

Water and sanitation (PDF 52 KB)
Community health (PDF 45 KB)
Nutrition (PDF 29 KB)
Food security and livelihoods (PDF 35 KB)
Shelter and basic infrastructure (PDF 37 KB)

Some of the most significant and transferable learning has been brought together in this document:
Tearfund's top 20 key learning points in disaster management (PDF 55 KB)