Environmental assessment

This is a project-level tool to assess the impact of projects on the environment and of the local environment on the project. Users decide whether to modify the project design so it has a reduced negative impact and/or an improved positive impact.

Environmental assessment (EA) also helps compare a number of potential projects in order to select the least harmful or most beneficial one. 

EA can be applied to all project types, from those that interact directly with the environment, such as agriculture, WATSAN, livelihoods and construction projects, to those that interact with the environment less directly, such as advocacy, health, literacy and child protection projects. It contains a template and worked examples to guide you through the process and help you conclude whether you want to proceed with or modify the project, or change its location and/or beneficiaries.

A short film about the EA process:

Environmental assessment in different languages:

Environmental assessment – English version (PDF 1 MB)