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Here you will find information about gender and other related topics, including water and sanitation.

Women’s economic empowerment in Eastern DRC: The impact of interventions addressing gender-based violence

This report explores the key findings of a study undertaken in three villages in Ituri Province, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in October 2017. The study examined the current socio-economic situation of women in these villages and the degree to which interventions designed to combat gender-based violence have impacted on their economic empowerment.

HEAL Africa Masculinity Report, Zwanck Sept 2011 (HEAL Africa Masculinity Report press release) (PDF 370 KB)

Violence Against Women and Girls: Your questions, Our answers (PDF 1.5 MB)

Produced by the UK's Gender and Development Network of which Tearfund is an active member.

Gender, HIV and the Church (PDF 327 KB)

Sex is a great medicine in our relationship. We can initiate it now without feeling ashamed. The results are fantastic. It's like we're young again.

Wife of a Pastor, Zimbabwe 2008

This case study outlines the process and highlights the key successes and challenges faced with working with the church on gender and HIV.

Tackling gender-based attitudes in African churches to reduce the spread of HIV (PDF 27 KB)

Tackling HIV and AIDS with faith-based communities (PDF 84 KB)

Gender and sanitation: breaking taboos, improving lives (PDF 512 KB)

This briefing paper explains the critical importance of good sanitation in improving the lives of women, in terms of health, safety and dignity. It explains why more must be done to ensure access to adequate facilities, and break taboos associated with sanitary health.

Case studies 

ACET Uganda

ACET Uganda (AIDS Care Education and Training) is a Christian organisation that is committed to facilitating local community institutions and groups in Uganda and internationally, in an endeavour to reduce/curb HIV infection and to enable people affected by HIV to cope better with its effects and impact. 

The overall aim of the organisation and the reason for all that it does is the reduction of HIV infection, the care of people living with AIDS and the empowerment of individuals and communities to mitigate the impact of HIV.

ACET’s vision is to see a community that is able to take care of its own people, through individual and collective efforts. ACET believes in the intrinsic capacity of individuals to bring about this change. This stems from the fact that human beings are made in the image of God and hence have a capacity to tap into resources beyond their physical limitations as individuals.

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PAG Honduras (Proyecto Aldea Global – Project Global Village)

Honduran women, especially those in rural areas, face harsh living conditions, including poverty, gender inequality and high rates of domestic violence. This project serves women experiencing domestic violence by providing legal assistance and counselling, as well as vocational skills and microcredit solutions training. It also works with women and men to raise awareness of domestic violence issues and help them reach reconciliation and non-aggression agreements.

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