Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities

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The Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities (JLI F&LC) is an international alliance examining faith groups’ contribution to community health and well-being. The JLI F&LC was formed in 2012 by a broad collaboration of international development organisations, UN agencies, academic institutions and religious bodies. This group was drawn together by a single shared conviction: that there is an urgent need to build our collective understanding of the potential of local faith communities for improving community health and well-being.

The vision: to see full and appropriate engagement of faith groups in community health and well-being and a world without poverty.

The goals:

  • cross-sector, multi-religious, cross disciplinary, collaborative learning platforms
  • robust evidence and smart communication to transform the quality, effectiveness and impact of partnerships between faith groups and the development community

The initiative operates with a steering group and six Learning Hubs (HIV and Maternal Health, Immunisation, Resilience, Capacity Building, Peace and Conflict, Gender-Based Violence). Each Learning Hub is made up of expert stakeholders, including practitioners, policy makers and academics, and is led by co-chairs drawn from those sectors.

For more information about the JLI, please click here.

Gender-Based Violence Hub

The Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Hub of the JLI F&LC is new, building on the momentum and efforts of a variety of members actively involved in sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) efforts across the world. These include international NGOs, researchers and faith groups, among others.

The GBV Hub strives to increase the quality and quantity of robust, practical evidence on the role of local faith communities (LFCs) in community health and development and GBV prevention in sub-Saharan Africa. LFCs play a pervasive but poorly understood and uncharted role, which can be positive or negative.

One of the key questions this hub is seeking to answer is: What are faith groups’ activities and contributions to the prevention of SGBV and to the protection and care of victims?

Veena O’Sullivan, Tearfund’s SGBV team leader, is a co-chair of this hub.