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Please be aware that some of the accounts in these reports describe sexual violence in graphic detail and may be distressing to some readers.

Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) is a global epidemic affecting approximately 40 per cent of women and girls, irrespective of social status, ethnicity or age. Our goal is to shine a light on the views and needs of survivors of SGBV and show how we can work effectively with faith communities to reduce SGBV, positively change attitudes towards survivors, and transform social norms and behaviour around SGBV. 

Our resources and research are arranged thematically into the specific areas in which we work and the unique approaches we use. We have a range of research pieces based on listening to survivors of different types of SGBV, as well as resources and tools to support people working with communities on these issues.

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Survivor Mapping

Masculinity Work

Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

Tools and Bible Studies

Community-based research: Potential role of the church

Survivor Mapping

Are we listening to survivors?

Are we listening to survivors front cover

English (PDF 1.2 MB)

Our daughters’ voices - Working in faith communities to heal the wounds of sexual violence in Myanmar

English (PDF 446 KB) and Myanmar language (PDF 12.4 MB)

Lifting our voices, building hope: Listening to survivors of sexual violence in Colombia

Lifting our voices report cover

English (PDF 572 KB) and Spanish (PDF 582 KB)

To Make our Voices Heard: Listening to survivors of sexual violence in Central African Republic

 English (PDF 672 KB) and French (PDF 670 KB)



If I speak out: Will it change?  

If I speak out English cover

 English (PDF 450 KB)

If I speak out French cover

 French (PDF 462 KB)  

Breaking the Silence - Kwa Zulu natal - South Africa

South Africa K Natal Report cover

Executive Summary (PDF 1.6 MB)
Full report (PDF 1.2 MB)  

Waiting to Speak - Western Cape - South Africa

South Africa W Cape Exec report

Executive summary (PDF 316 KB)



South Africa W Cape Full report

Full report (PDF 1.7 MB)



Breaking the Silence - Burundi

Burundi report 2 cover

Full report (PDF 400 KB)

Masculinity work 

Transforming Masculinities

Transforming Masculinities is an evidence-based approach to transforming harmful concepts of gender and masculinities, and to promoting gender equality. Our goal is to change social norms and behaviour around sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), by working through and within faith communities. More information and resources

Exploring the linkages of gender, masculinities and faith: A qualitative research report on sexual and gender-based violence in Liberia

Exploring the linkages front coverEnglish (PDF 245 KB)

Gender norms, violence and concepts of masculinity: A qualitative research report on faith communities’ perceptions and experience in Bangui, Central African Republic

Gender norms violence and masculinity report front cover English (PDF 429 KB)
French (PDF 457 KB)

Transforming Masculinities – Great Lakes Region 
Summary Report: Social attitudes and practices of men in relation to gender

Transforming Masculinities English cover

English (PDF 3.5 MB)
French (PDF 2.9 MB)


Masculinities, faith and ending sexual and gender-based violence

DRC Country Report SV front cover

DRC Summary Report –  English (PDF 1.6 MB)  NEW!  French (PDF 495 KB)
Burundi Summary Report –  English (PDF 917 KB)  NEW!  French (PDF 786 KB)
Rwanda Summary Report –  English (PDF 1.1 MB)  NEW!  French (PDF 433 KB)  


DRC Full Country Report SV front cover

DRC Full Report –  English (PDF 848 KB)
Burundi Full Report –  English (PDF 660 KB)
Rwanda Full Report –  English (PDF 518 KB)

Female genital mutilation/cutting

Faith or tradition: FGM/C in Mali

Faith or tradition English front coverExecutive report in English (PDF 1.8 MB)

Executive report in French (PDF 1.4 MB)

Faith, tradition and FGM/C in Chad

Religion and faith Chad Fr front cover NewFrench (PDF 740 KB)

Community-based research: Potential role of the church to end FGM/C in Tanzania 

Tanzania report 1 cover

 Summary report in English (PDF 256 KB) and  Kiswahili (PDF 329 KB)  



Tanzania report 2 cover

Full report in English (PDF 604 KB)


Community-based research: Potential role of the church to end FGM/C in Kenya. 

Kenya report

Summary report in English (PDF 980 KB)


Tools and Bible Studies

Hand in hand: Bible studies to transform our response to sexual violence

This booklet contains 12 Bible studies covering a range of topics related to sexual violence. Individual studies include 'Sexual violence in the Bible', 'Gender and restoring relationships', 'Challenging violence within families' and 'Responding to practical needs'. The booklet includes guidance for facilitators and advice on adapting the Bible studies for use as sermons. 

Hand in Hand SV front cover

English (PDF 1.5 MB), French (PDF 1.5 MB) and Portuguese (PDF 1.5 MB)

Community-based research: Potential role of the church

Does faith matter? - Key findings of a baseline survey undertaken across 15 communities in Ituri Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo about faith, gender norms and SGBV in conflict affected communities.

Does faith matter front coverEnglish (PDF 505 KB), French (PDF 537 KB)

Does faith matter? - Policy brief

Does faith matter policy brief front coverEnglish (PDF 335 KB), French (PDF 799 KB)

Who can I turn to? - Mapping social connections, trust and problem-solving among conflict-affected populations

Who can we turn to front coverEnglish (PDF 468 KB)    

Who can I turn to? - Policy brief

Who can I turn to policy brief front coverEnglish (PDF 473 KB)

Silent No More

Silent no more report cover

English (PDF 2.3 MB) and French (PDF 1.4 MB) 

Breaking the Silence – report on the role of the South African church to end sexual violence

Breaking the silence report coverEnglish (PDF 369 KB)    

Joint Learning Initiative on faith and local communities evidence brief 3

Joint Learning Initiative on faith and local communities evidence brief 3 front cover English (PDF 214 KB)

South Africa

South Africa report

English (PDF 1.3 MB)




Burundi report cover

English (PDF 816 KB) and French  (PDF 819 KB)   




Rwanda report cover

English (PDF 1 MB) and French (PDF 1.1 MB)  



Democratic Republic of Congo

DRC report cover

English (PDF 664 KB) and French (PDF 728 KB)  




Liberia report cover

English (PDF 2.6 MB)