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We Will Speak Out is a global coalition of faith-based communities and organisations, supported by an alliance of technical partners and individuals who together commit themselves to see the end of sexual violence across communities around the world. 

The We Will Speak Out coalition is committed to empowering women and girls, to transforming relationships between women and men, and to ensuring that the voices of survivors of sexual violence – women, girls, men and boys – are central to its work. 

Our mission

Faith communities are an integral part of communities worldwide, with a mandate to care for and stand with people who are marginalised and vulnerable. Shame and fear often lead to sexual violence being hidden in both churches and the wider community. 

The coalition partnership works together to harness efforts to prevent and eliminate sexual violence by supporting faith groups to speak out against sexual violence, show strong and positive leadership and become a ‘safe’ place for people to go to. 

As a coalition, we can work together to influence legislation and policies with a united voice. We seek to give a voice to those who are most marginalised and create platforms for their voices to be heard. 

For more information contact the International We Will Speak Out Coalition Secretariat at contact@wewillspeakout.org

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We Will Speak Out coalition website 

Pledge your personal commitment at: www.wewillspeakout.org/pledge


We Will Speak Out strategy 2013-2016 (PDF 306 KB)

Resources are available to download on the coalition website