As part of our commitment to openness and transparency, we publish evaluations of projects funded, supported and delivered by Tearfund and our partners. 

We are currently updating our evaluation database, but if you would like to view evaluations (by themes, regions etc), please email impact.effectiveness@tearfund.org 

Evaluation documents

DEC external evaluation – Rohingya refugee response (Emergency Appeal for People Fleeing Myanmar)

A DEC external evaluation assessed Tearfund’s contribution through its local partner in the Rohingya crisis humanitarian emergency response programme in Bangladesh. 

The evaluation covered Phase 2 of the DEC-funded response period from 1 April 2018 to 30 September 2019 (18 months). The evaluation took place in February 2019.

DEC external evaluation report –Tearfund’s Rohingya refugee response 2018–2019 (PDF 2 MB)

DEC external evaluation – East Africa crisis

The DEC external evaluation of Tearfund's response to drought in East Africa, covering Ethiopia, Somaliland and South Sudan. The assessment concerned six projects implemented by five partners for a total allocated amount of £2,852,013. The evaluation assessed the relevance, efficiency and impact of Tearfund’s Phase 2 DEC response, which provided lifesaving support to drought-affected communities in East Africa. Tearfund's DEC-funded response began in March 2017 with Phase 2 running from October 2017 to September 2018. The evaluation took place in September 2018.
DEC external evaluation report – Tearfund’s East Africa crisis response 2017–2018 (PDF 560 KB)

Independent evaluation – Tearfund’s response to Hurricane Matthew, Haiti

End of programme evaluation – Hurricane Matthew (Haiti), 2016-2018  (PDF 2.2 MB)

CCMP Learning Review – Tanzania

Learning review – Tanzania church and community mobilisation process (CCMP), September 2017 (PDF 4 MB)

DEC external evaluation – Nepal earthquake

The DEC external evaluation of Tearfund's Nepal earthquake response assesses the contribution that Tearfund and partners’ DEC-funded Phase 2 projects have made in promoting recovery and building resilience. It also looks at what can be added or strengthened to ensure that impact is sustainable and replicable. The project implementation period for Phase 2 is from 15 November – 18 April 2017. The evaluation took place in December 2016. 
Tearfund DEC Nepal earthquake response final report (PDF 2.3 MB)
Nepal DEC external evaluation action plan (Excel document 23 KB)


The DEC external evaluation of Tearfund's Typhoon Haiyan response in the Philippines examines the impact, relevance and cost effectiveness of Tearfund's Phase 2 DEC-funded projects, implemented from May 2014 to October 2015. It assesses the contribution that the projects have made in promoting people's recovery and building resilience in affected communities. The evaluation took place in April 2015. 
Typhoon Haiyan response evaluation report (PDF 700 KB)
Tearfund action plan Philippines DEC external evaluation (Excel document 78 KB)

CCMP evaluation report – Burkina Faso

Evaluation report – Tearfund’s church and community mobilisation process (CCMP) in Burkina Faso, 2010-2015 (PDF 494 KB)