The Light Wheel

The Light Wheel: The Learning and Impact Guide to Holistic Transformation  

At Tearfund, our goal is to bring about ‘whole-life transformation’ in the individuals whom we serve in the world’s poorest communities. We want to see ‘thriving and flourishing individuals and communities’: we pursue ‘holistic development’. Through our work, we aim for change in every aspect of a person or community’s well-being – including both spiritual and physical aspects. But what does it mean to flourish? What does whole-life transformation look like in practical terms?  

The Light Wheel has been developed by Tearfund’s Impact and Effectiveness team, influenced by the University of Bath’s work on well-being and other external evidence, to answer these very questions. It provides a framework – or underlying set of principles – which form our definition of whole-life transformation.

Light Wheel guides 

There are two guides available to help you to understand and use the Light Wheel in your context.

Introductory guide to the Light Wheel (PDF 91 KB)

This introductory guide to the Light Wheel is written for Tearfund staff and partners, M&E practitioners from across the sector, academics and anyone who is interested in measuring change holistically. The guide will provide you with all the information you need to understand the theory behind the Light Wheel and the purpose of it, and it will guide you as you decide how to use it. 

Light wheel intro cover

Light Wheel Toolkit (PDF 1.9 MB)

This contains all the Light Wheel tools, and guidance on how to use each of them. This toolkit is ideal for those who are interested in directly implementing the Light Wheel in their context.

The Light Wheel toolkit can be used in a number of different ways, from light touch self-assessment to in-depth impact assessment. The Light Wheel toolkit provides different tools to fit the different needs of users. For advice on which tool is most appropriate for your need, please refer to the Introductory guide above.

Light wheel toolkit cover