Uganda Gathering (May 2016)


From 2 to 6 May 2016 Tearfund, in collaboration with Micah Network, Call2All Network and YWAM, hosted a Compassion and Justice Gathering in Uganda. 

Uganda Gathering focused on how the church can respond to the challenges of gender-based violence, street children, conflict and reconciliation and other issues affecting Uganda today.

Watch this video to catch the vision for Uganda Gathering.


Uganda Gathering took place in Jinja, Uganda.


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Meet our speakers

We will be hearing from some incredible speakers from around the world. You can meet some of them below...

Caleb Rukundo photo

Caleb Rukundo founded the Amahoro Project to cultivate self-worth and opportunity among the homeless children of Uganda. Based on his first-hand experience of life as a street child, Caleb believes that relational and emotional support is crucial and must go alongside practical help. His approach involves mentoring as well as providing education and shelters, resulting in young lives being renewed and transformed in Kampala.    

Donald Mavunduse photoDonald Mavunduse leads Tearfund's work in East and Southern Africa. Donald is passionate about the potential of churches to bring lasting transformation in Africa. He has worked for Tearfund since 2004. Before joining Tearfund, Donald worked for a number of agencies such as ActionAid UK, World Vision and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.   

Matt Bird photoMatt Bird is the founder of Relationology, a unique approach to driving businesses growth through the power of customer and client relationships. Matt is an international keynote speaker, trainer and coach, and the author of Relationology 101. He is also the founder of Cinnamon Network, which helps local churches to bring transformation in their communities by working with local authorities, the police, education services and health agencies.  

David Westlake photoDavid Westlake is a follower of Jesus who is just trying to work it all out. He started out as was a youth worker, church planter and pastor in inner London and then in Watford. After this, he joined the leadership team of Tearfund as Youth Director, and is now Tearfund’s International Director. His goal is to inspire and equip as many Christians and churches as possible to serve their communities in word and deed, empowered by the Holy Spirit.   

Dave and Ali Swann photoDave and Ali Swann are both British and have been missionaries with YWAM since 1989. They have two daughters, Michal and Sophie, who are 22 and 19. They started their missionary life working with refugees on the Thai–Cambodian border. Since then they have lived in Switzerland and South Africa. They currently live in the UK but travel extensively, particularly in Africa and Asia. They have developed various workshops and seminars specifically aimed at non-Western audiences. Their mission is to see long term field workers equipped and trained to be more effective in what they do.  

Joseph Nyamutera photoJoseph Nyamutera is a church pastor and the Regional Director of Mercy Ministries International/Le Rucher Ministries, where he also serves as International Manager for Reconciliation. He is the founder of Rabagirana Ministries, which works to encourage churches to adopt integral mission in their theology and practice. Having grown up during the Rwandan genocide, Joseph is passionate about seeing people learn to love their enemies and reconcile their differences. Joseph is a qualified English teacher and also has a diploma and degree in theology from Africa International University. He is currently completing his Master’s in organisational leadership at the same university. 

Steve and Marie Goode photoSteve and Marie Goode are ambassadors for YWAM Mercy. They have been working with poor and vulnerable people in Asia and Africa since 1980. Steve and Marie speak internationally and are the authors of Bring your eyes and see, a book about their journey into justice, compassion and action. They believe that loving our neighbours and our enemies will be the next great challenge for followers of Jesus in this generation. Steve contributes to many boards and organisations, including Not For Sale and Call2Compassion. 


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Learning resources

To read a report on Uganda Gathering, click here (PDF 1.3 MB)

To watch the devotions and plenary sessions from Uganda, please click below.

Devotion 1: Rooted in Jesus
Devotion 2: Rooted in Church
Plenary 1: Welcome 
Plenary 2: How can the church be a beacon of the kingdom? 
Plenary 3: What does it mean to be blessed?
Plenary 4: SDGs: what are they and why are they important? 
Plenary 5: Today’s lost generation
Plenary 6: Models of caring for orphans and vulnerable children
Plenary 7: Investing in youth to be change-makers
Plenary 8: Interview with Donald Mavunduse
Plenary 9: Revealing violence against women and girls
Plenary 10: Bringing recovery and healing
Plenary 11: Displacement and the challenge of protection
Plenary 12: Reconciliation and healing ethnic wounds
Plenary 13: Unity amongst diversity

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