Unearth the truth: making extractive industries work for all (2011)

This report argues for the need for legislation at an EU level for oil, gas and mining companies to report on the payments they make to foreign governments, both at a country and project level. This would enable citizens to hold their governments to account and ensure that the enormous wealth derived from their natural resources is used for the benefit of the whole society, including the poorest people. It will also encourage a transparent and stable business environment. Based on interviews with over 70 respondents in Sierra Leone and Colombia the report argues that mandatory company reporting has the potential to:

a) release resources for development and combat corruption
b) improve citizen engagement with their governments
c) provide a stable business environment and reduce conflict
d) create a level playing field for business in line with US legislation.

Unearth the truth - Making extractive industries work for all (2011) (PDF 1.9 MB)

Three page summary report

  • English (PDF 126 KB)
  • French (Exhumer la vérité : rendre les industries extractives avantageuses pour tous) (PDF 138 KB)
  • Spanish (Desenterrar la Verdad: hacer que las industrias extractivas beneficien a todos) (PDF 134 KB)