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Social networking

In parts of the world where there is good access to the internet, many people now use social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter to keep in touch with friends and family across the world. People may also use them to look for career opportunities, find people with similar interests, give money to good causes and share their thoughts on different topics.

If you live in an area where many people are connected in this way, consider using social networking sites to encourage people to pray, volunteer and give financially to your work.

Below are some ideas for how to do this effectively:

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  1. Select the right channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the three largest social networks but will not necessarily be the best ones to use in your context. Research which networks your supporters have access to and use these. 
  2. Use stories, photos and videos to show your work in action. These will help your audience to understand why your work is important and the impact it is having. 
  3. People enjoy feeling part of something. Engage with supporters by ‘liking’ and responding to their comments. This will show that you value their support and will encourage them to share posts and promote your work to others. 
  4. Keep people interested and involved by encouraging them to share their own stories. For example, you could choose a post from a supporter and re-share it on your page under the title ‘Inspiration of the week’. 
  5. There are many organisations promoting their work on social networking sites. Think about what might make your organisation stand out and focus on that. Be creative and try new things.
Karen Lau
Karen Lau is a Video Editor at Tearfund UK. Email: