What a pleasure it has been to help edit this issue of Footsteps while Helen Gaw is on maternity leave! I edited Footsteps from 1989 to 2007, so the last issue I edited was number 71. It has been a blessing to have contact again with friends and colleagues within Tearfund and the Footsteps Editorial Committee. It helps that the subject matter is very close to my heart.

This issue looks at some major topics, and considers how all of us can play a role in making our communities, our agriculture and our activities more sustainable. Can the world’s nations come together to solve the massive global issue of climate change (pages 1–3)? The future looks difficult for humankind if we cannot come together as a global community to resolve this issue. There is a real need for Christians to show leadership (page 14) and support advocacy work (pages 6–7). We also consider new sources of renewable energy (pages 12–13) and how to adapt our agricultural practices (pages 8–9).

Hope for the future comes from 2 Peter 3:13: ‘But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.’ My prayers are for the renewal of this beautiful, varied and God-given creation, as we all learn how to care wisely for the environment and live more sustainable lives.

Isabel Carter is Guest Editor of Footsteps 99, working together with Footsteps Editor Zoe Burden.

The next issue of Footsteps will be the celebratory 100th edition. We will be taking a little extra time to prepare this issue, which will be available in English in July 2016. Before then, please send us your best stories about how you have used Footsteps! 

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  • A sustainable future?

    ‘Climate change’ is a term used to describe a large-scale, long-term change in the earth’s weather patterns or average temperatures. It happens partly because of natural causes, but also because of human activities.

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  • An interview with the Eco-bishops

    The Eco-bishops are a group of Anglican bishops from around the world, speaking out together about climate change. Footsteps had the privilege of interviewing them about their work.

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  • Bible study: Life in all its fullness

    God was determined that the Fall would not be the end of the story of creation. He sent Jesus to save us from sin and to make it possible for the relationships between God, humans and the environment to be restored.

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  • Coping with climate change: seven farming tips

    Climate change can affect weather patterns, and this may have a damaging effect on agricultural production. People need to understand what is changing in their situation and consider how to adapt their farming methods. Here are some ideas that may help.

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  • Heat exhaustion and heatstroke

    Periods of intense heat, known as heatwaves, are becoming more common because of climate change. When it is very hot, people can suffer from health problems such as dehydration, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

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  • Mushroom growing

    Mushroom growing can be a useful way of earning income when climate change makes farming less reliable. You do not need farmland to grow mushrooms, so it is a useful activity in both rural and urban areas.

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  • Planting for the future in Brazil

    A Tearfund partner is working with farmers in Brazil’s semi-arid region. Thanks to their Planting Project, people now have a reliable supply of healthy organic food.

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  • Renewable energy and your community

    Nearly 1.5 billion people around the world do not have access to electricity, particularly in rural areas. If you are thinking about starting a renewable energy project in your community, here are some things to consider.

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  • Resources

    A selection of books, websites and training material relating to climate change.

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  • Why advocate on climate change?

    Climate change will affect all of us and is a key issue to advocate about. This article explains different ways to advocate on climate change and suggests ten key questions to consider.

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