Tearfund is strongly committed to supporting the church, at local and national levels, to see mission as integral or holistic and to carry out its calling to serve those living in poverty. We believe that the global church and local churches, as the body of Christ, are best placed to serve their communities. We therefore believe that the primary means by which Tearfund can fulfil our mission of bringing good news to the poor is by enabling our partners to participate in the whole of God’s mission, and by mobilising and empowering local churches to transform their communities. You can learn more about our faith-based approach here.

The majority of our partners around the world work directly with the local and national church and are able to point to numerous examples of personal and community transformation (physical, social and spiritual).This transformation happens as the church develops or strengthens its vision for integral mission and becomes an agent for change in the community. 

When the local church identifies and responds to needs around it, showing God’s love in practical ways, this is called church mobilisation. There are many different church mobilisation approaches. 

When the local church works with its local community to identify and respond to needs together, this is called church and community mobilisation. There are many different church and community mobilisation approaches.

Umoja is a church and community mobilisation approach that Tearfund has helped to develop. Through Bible studies and interactive activities, it enthuses and empowers the church to go out into the community and help people identify and address their needs with their own resources.   

Churches and communities may decide to address a range of issues or focus on a specific issue. Follow these links for mobilising churches on Advocacy and Disaster management.