Tearfund was established to enable the church to respond to poverty and disaster. Fifty years later, we are still passionate about seeking God’s justice, restoration and transformation through our work.

Our numerous Church and Community Transformation processes have proven to be powerful tools for envisioning and equipping local churches to enable transformation to take place. In these processes, local churches are envisioned towards integral mission, which provides a holistic understanding of the Church’s mission to its community and to those living in poverty. The Church is not meant to be insular but is called to go out into communities, restore brokenness and engage with the needs of individuals – physical, spiritual, emotional, economic, environmental and social. As well as being envisioned, the Church is equipped in practical ways to work with the local community, identifying needs and mobilising resources to bring about restoration and transformation.

Envisioning churches

Awakening the church to its biblical mandate to be agents of change

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Mobilising Churches and Communities

The CCM process empowers people to bring transformation to their lives

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Manuals and tools

The place to find our manuals, including UMOJA and CCMP

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Impact and Learning

Great transformation can occur when local churches are mobilised to live out integral mission and address poverty and injustice. It’s exciting! Read some examples of this transformation happening around the world and discover our key learnings on the processes we used.

Cross-cutting themes and approaches

Churches and communities may decide to address a range of issues or focus on a specific issue such as SGBV or Advocacy. When we work with a community, it is important to think about the context around our programmes, and how our approaches may differ depending on the context.