Impact and Learning

Great transformation can occur when local churches are mobilised to live out integral mission and address poverty and injustice. From our twenty years experience of implementing church and community mobilisation, we have gathered evidence of this transformation as well as key learning on processes.  The research and case studies show some inspirational/compelling examples of this transformation happening around the world.

resources on learning and impact

Learning together front coverLearning Together (PDF 1.4 MB)
This publication brings together some of the key lessons learnt as we have journeyed with CCM over the last 20 years. It is written for CCM practitioners – those facilitating, coordinating or promoting CCM. It is also useful as an envisioning tool and has been developed as an e-learning course.

This resource is also available in French (PDF 1.4 MB), Spanish (PDF 1.4 MB) and Portuguese (PDF 1.4 MB).

QuIP (Qualitative Impact Assessment Protocol) is an innovative and trusted approach that is recognised by the Department for International Development (DFID) and other donors. It provides a robust qualitative method that identifies the most significant drivers of change in the lives, livelihoods and well-being of a programme’s intended beneficiaries. This approach was used for the following study: 

Flourishing churches front coverFlourishing Churches, Flourishing Communities: Church & Community Mobilisation in Uganda (PDF 3.5 MB)
The QuIP study provides clear evidence that church and community mobilisation (CCM) is having a positive impact on the livelihoods, relationships, spiritual life and well-being of intended beneficiaries at the household level in Uganda.

CCM Africa front coverCCMP in Africa (PDF 1.2 MB)
This booklet gives an introduction to the church and community mobilisation process (CCMP) in Africa, explaining the process and presenting evidence of impact.
This resource is also available in French (PDF 1.2 MB) and Spanish (PDF 1.2 MB).

The impact of CCMP in West Africa 2020
The church and community mobilisation process (CCMP) seeks to empower people to transform their situations holistically using their God-given local resources. This short film demonstrates the impact of CCMP in West Africa. 

In this longer film from 2013, church leaders, Tearfund staff and Tearfund partners share the impact of CCMP:

Evaluation Report: Tearfund’s Church & Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP) in Burkina Faso (PDF 5.5 KB)
Tearfund has been involved in CCMP activities in Burkina Faso since 2010 This report assesses the performance and impact of these activities in order to increase learning and strengthen accountability.

An Evidence-Based Study of the Impact of Church and Community Mobilisation in Tanzania (PDF 6.8 MB)
In 2013, Tearfund commissioned a research applying a quasi-experimental evaluation of the impact of the CCM programme in North West Tanzania. The methodology was based on making comparisons between people in these communities who had been engaged in CCM and those who had not.  

Measuring whole-life transformation: Light Wheel

Our church and community mobilisation work seeks whole-life transformation. We have developed the Light Wheel tool that helps to define and measure the different dimensions that contribute to this holistic transformation. In recent years we have used this tool as part of our evaluation process.

View the Light Wheel