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Footsteps magazine provides practical information to bring about positive change. It is published three times a year in four languages – English, French, Portuguese and Spanish

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Cover shows a prisoner cleaning the floor of Luzira Prison, Uganda. Photo: Andrew Philip

Footsteps 104 - Prisons

Footsteps 104 features practical tips for getting involved in prison ministry and caring for ex-offenders.

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A woman selling eels and other fish in Hsipaw, Myanmar. Photo: Andrew Philip

Footsteps 103 - Entrepreneurship

Footsteps 103 is packed with practical advice on how to run a successful business.

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A health worker in Malawi, where Tearfund partner Livingstonia Synod AIDS Programme (LISAP) has organised groups of churches to work with people living with HIV. Photo: Chris Boyd/Tearfund

Footsteps 102 - Health and Faith

Features first aid tips, health workers' stories and a Bible study on healing.

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A foster child in Chiang Mai province, Thailand. Photo: Care for Children

Footsteps 101 - Caring for orphans

Includes case studies, children’s activities and a moving interview about growing up in a children’s home.

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Tearfund partner PAG is mobilising the church to bring transformation in Uganda. Photo: Kieran Dodds/Tearfund

Footsteps 100 - Impact and change

How do we change things for the better? Our celebratory 100th edition looks at how positive change happens and how we can measure it. We have included articles on designing surveys, getting genuine feedback and running focus group discussions.

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What kind of future are we leaving for the next generation? Photo: Ralph Hodgson/Tearfund

Footsteps 99 - Climate change

‘Climate change’ means a large-scale, long-term change in the earth’s weather patterns or average temperatures. This edition includes practical advice on farming adaptations, renewable energy and staying healthy in the heat.

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The number of children being infected with HIV in Malawi has gone down rapidly in recent years. Photo: Chris Boyd, Tearfund

Footsteps 98 - HIV

The response to HIV has changed dramatically since the first cases of AIDS in the 1980s. This issue includes health tips for living positively with HIV, an inspiring interview on fighting stigma and a Bible study on healing and antiretroviral therapy (ART).

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Abdisa Kasim demonstrates how to wash hands at Shashamene Referral Hospital, Oromia Region, Ethiopia. Photo: Will Boase Photography

Footsteps 97 - Hygiene and sanitation

Clean water and safe sanitation improve everyone’s health and opportunities in life. This issue includes practical tips on hand washing, soap making and what really works when helping people to change their habits.

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An outreach worker from World Concern Laos running a workshop to raise awareness about human trafficking. Photo: Ralph Hodgson/Tearfund

Footsteps 96 - Human trafficking

We know that human trafficking happens all over the world. You may live in a region where you see its effects clearly every day or it may be more of a hidden problem.

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A number of issues have also been produced in Chinese, Bangla, Burmese and Hindi

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