Faire mieux ensemble (Better Together) : Sommaire et recommandations

This paper is the outcome of qualitative research and outlines some of the practical ways in which citizens and their elected representatives have played, and could play, a part in tackling corruption.  The United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) is the most comprehensive global agreement on corruption, which, if implemented, could significantly reduce corruption and contribute to sustainable development.   

Tearfund argues for UNCAC to be effective there needs to be an emphasis on bottom-up approaches to anti-corruption work. This paper therefore offers recommendations for states, donors, civil society organisations and elected representatives, in order that UNCAC is implemented and to ensure that corruption is addressed at the community level.

Better Together: Evidence of the crucial role that citizens play in fighting corruption (2011) (PDF 525K)

Faire mieux ensemble : Sommaire et recommandations (Executive summary and recommendations in French) (PDF 249K)

Juntos es Mejor: Resumen Ejecutivo y Recomendaciones (Executive summary and recommendations in Spanish) (PDF 250K)