Vision for change

In many ways, we are living in a golden age. Over the last 25 years, millions of families around the world have made ‘the great escape’ from poverty. Life expectancy is increasing, more children are in school than ever before, and the number of children who die each day has halved since 1990. 

This golden age has, however, not reached everyone. A billion people remain trapped in poverty, especially in the world’s war zones and ungoverned spaces. The escape remains difficult, and large numbers of those who recently achieved it remain vulnerable; one crisis can drive them back into poverty. We believe that the future of this golden age is at greater risk today than it has been for many years.

We see a way forward. A way to see poverty eliminated and everyone to prosper.

This is because of a paradox: in current ways of working, the more we succeed in economic development, the more we fail on environmental sustainability. The changes to the natural world of the last 60 years are unprecedented and are having consequences for the people Tearfund works with today. 

We see a way forward. A way to restore balance, to see poverty eliminated and enable everyone to prosper. A way that requires not just the actions of governments, but all of us.

The restorative economy

This discussion paper aims to catalyse a much needed debate about how we shape the future of our society and our world. We propose areas of life and policy that we think could help restore balance and prosperity. Through our advocacy work, we are playing our part in realising this Restorative Economy.

The Restorative Economy (PDF 5.9 MB)

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This paper is also available in French (PDF 481 KB), Spanish (PDF 482 KB) and Portuguese (PDF 482 KB)


Coronavirus crisis: Restoring societies (PDF 935 KB)
The crisis precipitated by the spread of coronavirus is a turning point in history, and yet there is a dearth of global leadership. This paper outlines Tearfund’s recommendations for UK policy makers as we emerge from the initial response to the Covid-19 crisis in the UK and globally.

Wholly living - A new perspective on international development 
This is available to download in English (PDF 509 KB) and French (PDF 487 KB).

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