The Tropical Agriculturalist Series

published by CTA and Macmillan

Rabbits by Denis Fielding ISBN 0-333-52311-3 (106 pages)

A particularly useful book for anyone considering rabbit production or wanting to improve their knowledge. The book includes details of physiology, reproduction and breeding, housing and equipment, feeding, production, diseases and extension. It is very practical and simply presented. The diagrams are clear and helpful. It encourages a real understanding of the needs of rabbits and the importance of careful observation. Highly recommended.

This is one of a CTA (Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation) series of low cost, practical books and field guides aimed at farmers, producers, extension officers, teachers, students and community development programmes. The books cover a wide variety of subjects and provide a useful resource. They are well illustrated and contain full and clear details of each subject.

The series is available in English and French.

NB: The French title of the series is Le Technicien d’Agriculture Tropicale. Write to: G P Maisonneuve et Larose, 15 Rue Victor-Cousin, 75005, Paris, France.

Livestock subjects covered include Goats, Pigs, Sheep, Poultry, Draught Animals and Rabbits. 

Maize, Cassava, Cotton, Food Legumes, Storage of Food Grains and Seeds and Plantain Bananas are among the subjects covered in Crop Husbandry

CTA Agrodoks

This is a series of simple booklets on various agricultural practices. There are over 20 of these Agrodoks as they are called. Subjects include: small scale poultry production in the tropics, backyard rabbit farming, beekeeping in the tropics, and hatching eggs by a hen or in an incubator.  

Agrodoks will be supplied free of charge to inhabitants of African countries, and the Caribbean and Pacific States. They are available in English and French.

CTA also provide an information service for specific queries concerned with agriculture or development.  Write to CTA for information and details of the Agrodoks:

CTA, P O Box 380, 6700 AJ Wageningen, Netherlands.

Livestock Series

produced by the Christian Veterinary Mission

A series of very practical books on livestock raising under primitive conditions. The series includes pigs, rabbits, fish, goats and poultry. They contain useful and practical information. 

Write for information to: Christian Veterinary Mission 19303 Fremont Avenue North Seattle Washington 98133 USA.  

Striga Poster

Following the article in the last Footsteps, readers may like to hear about a poster published for extension workers on the problem of Striga. It shows the stages of development, both underground and above ground and gives information on control.

The poster is available free of charge in French and English from: G Salle, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie Laboratoire, 2 Place Jussieu, Bat 2 75252, Paris cedex 05, France.

Exchange Newsletter

This is a good source of practical livestock ideas including small livestock. It is sent free to organisations in the developing world with an official title (not to individuals). Write to: Heifer Project International, P O Box 808, Little Rock, AR 72203, USA.


Care of the Critically Ill Patient in the Tropics and Subtropics by David A K Walters et al Published by Macmillan Education Ltd ISBN 0333 53799 8  ISBN 0333 53798 X 

This is a nicely judged book; it does not assume great resources to be available to medical staff, but aims to help them do their best with what they have. For the severely ill patients who come to them, I particularly liked the sections on poisoning, on practical procedures and on drugs for critical care. I was sad that they seemed to assume that severe dehydration in children can only be treated by intravenous perfusion, when it has been shown that the nasogastric route is highly effective, easier to use and does not require expensive sterile fluids. The book is well and clearly illustrated and should be a useful addition to the libraries of remote hospitals.

Practical Mother and Child Health in Developing Countries (4th Edition) by G J Ebrahim Published by Macmillan Education Ltd ISBN 0 333 55228 8  

This is a revision of a standard text, aimed at community health nurses at the primary health centre. It clearly explains the need for emphasis to be given to maternal and child health work and how to set about putting things into practice. It would have been more interesting if the author had taken the opportunity of this new edition to review, with statistics, any changes (let’s hope improvements!) that have occurred in maternal and child health in the 25 years since the first edition. 

The above two books are reviewed by Dr David Pouncey.

Community Health for Student Nurses by Mary F Bradley ELBS Edition (593 pages) ISBN 07020 1506 7

This informative book is directed at student nurses in developing countries. It is packed full of information and does not place too much emphasis on hospital situations. Each unit has key objectives and includes a test so that students can check their own learning. 

It contains five sections: community health, environmental health, communicable diseases (very thorough and well set out), community health nursing, and health and society.  

At such a low price for a wealth of information, this would be of great value to anyone involved in training nurses and community health workers. 

All these books should be available through large bookshops in your own country. 

The Caring Community - Strategies for Hope No.6

This, the sixth booklet in this useful series, describes how nine small Christian communities in low income, urban areas of Kampala are responding to the urgent needs of people with AIDS and their families. The case studies of these Christian groups show how it is possible to respond to ignorance, fear and prejudice with a vision of hope.

Small numbers of this very helpful booklet are available, free of charge, to groups in developing countries. It is printed in English and French. Please write, explaining your work to:

TALC P O Box 49 St Albans Herts AL1 4AX UK.

Learning about AIDS through a game!

ZIGZAIDS is an entertaining game designed for children aged 10-14 years. The game teaches them how AIDS is transmitted, treated and prevented. It comes with a guide for parents and teachers on how to use the game.

The ZIGZAIDS game is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Write to:

Salamandra Consultoria Editorial S A AV Nilo Pecancha 155/510 20020 Rio de Janeiro Brazil.