Published 03 April 2020

At Tearfund, we are working hard to develop tools and resources to help communities, churches and our partner organisations stay safe and serve others through this unprecedented time.

Resources are continually being developed, translated and published on Tearfund Learn.
This page will be updated regularly.

Covid-19 A guide to Tearfund's resources

We have produced different types of resources for guidance around Covid-19. This is a guide that explains what you will find on this page and who it is for.

Download the guide

Church and theology

COVID-19: Guidance for the local church (pdf) (Ar) (Es) (Fr) (Pt) (Sw)
Covid-19 poses many questions for churches around the world. This document provides advice on mitigation measures for gathering together and guidance on the role of the local church in responding to the pandemic.

A Christian perspective on Covid-19 (pdf)
Dr Ruth Valerio and Gideon Heugh reflect biblically on why the Covid-19 crisis is happening and how we should respond.

COVID-19: A steward's journey through Holy Week (pdf)
This year, churches around the world approach Easter within the very unusual context of a global pandemic. This resource, developed by Dr Scott Rodin, is designed to lead Christians and churches on a Lenten journey for the week of Easter with biblical reflections on the Covid-19 crisis. Dr Scott Rodin (PhD, University of Aberdeen, Scotland) serves as a Senior Fellow for the Association of Biblical Higher Education.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

COVID-19: WASH programme guidance for response (pdf)
This document outlines the most important information concerning WASH and the Covid-19 outbreak, including frequency of hand washing, availability of hand washing areas and access to safe and reliable water supplies.

COVID-19: How to build a hand washing station (pdf) (Es) (Fr) (Pt) (Sw)
This poster shows how easy it is to build a tippy tap hand washing station. A tippy tap works by using the foot to tap a lever to tip water out from a container. It means hands can be washed without touching the stand.

Covid-19: WASH webinar (video)
This webinar is the first in a series of WASH during Covid-19 webinars presented by Frank Greaves (WASH Lead). In this webinar, Frank refers to the WASH guidance document, which can be found above.

Gender and Protection

COVID-19: A guide to gender and protection integration (pdf) (Es) (Fr) (Pt)
These guidelines are considerations and suggestions for response, to be adapted and mainstreamed in all programmatic activities, to ensure that protection principles are followed.

COVID-19: Guide to gender and protection integration (video)
In this short video to accompany the above guidance note, Tearfund's Gender and Protection Unit Lead Prabu Deepan provides further information and advice on integrating gender and protection principles during the current Covid-19 crisis.

COVID-19 Gender and protection integration guidance webinar (video)
In this webinar, Elena Bezzolato talks through the guidance for gender and protection during the time of Covid-19. This is aimed at anyone implementing gender and protection programmes. In the webinar, reference is made to the 'Covid-19 Guide for gender and protection integration' document, which can be found on this page.

Cash and Livelihoods

COVID-19: A guide for self-help groups and savings groups (pdf) (Es) (Fr)
Tearfund now supports over 27,000 self-help groups in sub-Saharan Africa and is scaling up the approach across Asia and Latin America. This document provides guidance on how to operate safely during the Covid-19 outbreak.

COVID-19: Cash and vouchers activities tipsheet (pdf) (Ar) (Es) (Fr) (Pt)
Information and advice for Tearfund country teams and partners in implementing cash and vouchers activities (CVA) during the Covid-19 outbreak.

COVID-19: A guide for small businesses (pdf)
These are simple steps to follow for small businesses or individuals conducting business activities. Every person-to-person sale poses the risk of spreading Covid-19 unless protective measures are

Covid-19: Cash webinar (video)
This webinar outlines guidance on how to adapt our cash programming during Covid-19. It is presented by Paola Castiati (Cash specialist). In this webinar, Paola refers to the cash and vouchers activities tipsheet, which you can find above.

Peacebuilding and Inclusion

COVID-19: Inclusion guidance within CCT/CCMP (pdf)
This guide explores ways in which churches and communities can respond to the outbreak of Covid-19 in an inclusive way. This is also an appropriate guide for those working in inclusion programming.

Covid-19: Preventing and addressing stigma (pdf)
This is a short guide to preventing and addressing stigma in response to Covid-19. It provides clear guidance on safe messaging, communication and activities that churches and communities can follow.

COVID-19: Guidance for response in urban, informal settlements (pdf)
This the first part of our guidance for people working in informal settlements within urban contexts. It explores ways in which to respond to the Covid-19 outbreak in these settings.

COVID-19: A guide to public health in urban, informal settlements (pdf)
This is the second part of our guidance for people working in informal settlements within urban contexts. It explores further ways in which to respond to the Covid-19 outbreak in these settings, focusing on public health.