Impact and learning report 2015

Impact and learning report 2015

Tearfund’s first Impact and learning report - Inspiring Change - presents evidence of the impact of our work in the world’s poorest communities. It is also full of lessons, insights and stories from our programmatic work which will inform us as we strive to continually improve our work where the need is greatest.  

There are two PDF versions available. One is interactive* (PDF 3.2 MB) and allows you to click between sections to navigate through the interrelated aspects of Tearfund’s work. There is also a print-friendly version (PDF 3.4 MB) available. Alternatively, you can view and print individual sections using the links below: 

Introduction (PDF 342 KB) 

Mobilising for change (PDF 268 KB)
Speaking out for change (PDF 296 KB)
Responding for change (PDF 303 KB) 

Food security (PDF 210 KB)
Livelihoods (PDF 321 KB)
Tackling HIV and sexual violence (PDF 310 KB)
Building resilience (PDF 208 KB) 

International resources (PDF 140 KB)
Inspiring the next generation (PDF 170 KB)
Change through collective action (PDF 153 KB) 

Conclusion (PDF 247 KB)  

*The interactive version is best viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader or in your internet browser. If you are viewing the report on a mobile or tablet, please open the print-friendly version.