Thy Word… a Lamp and a Light
A bible study guide towards peace, healing and reconciliation
by Gladys Mwiti and Benson Kamande Oasis Counselling Centre

A collection of ten thought-provoking Bible studies on themes such as hope. forgiveness, repentance, peace, freedom and unity. The Bible study on page 11 is taken from this booklet. An excellent source for learning and reflection. Oasis have also produced a study guide for Rwandan pastors, The ‘Kairos’ for Rwanda in French and English. Order copies from…

Oasis Counselling Centre, PO Box 76117, Nairobi, Kenya.

Resource Pack for Conflict Transformation

A collection of materials for trainers, trainees, facilitators and others interested in transforming violent conflict. This pack contains five main sections:

  • An introduction to conflict transformation to improve understanding of conflict and its prevention, resolution and transformation
  • An analysis of the nature of conflict
  • Ideas for content in capacity-building workshops
  • The process and planning of capacity building workshops
  • Notes on further training materials.

The resource pack comes in a large folder and is available in English from:

IT Bookshop, 103–105 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4HH, UK. Fax: ++ 171 436 2013

A Common Cause Youth-to-Youth
Strategies for Hope Series

The youth of the world are at greatest risk from the HIV infection. Though young people between 15 and 24 make up 20% of the world’s population, 60% of all new HIV infection occurs within this age group. The two books tell of how local community-based initiatives in four African countries are helping young people to make better-informed decisions about their sexual behaviour.

A Common Cause looks at case studies of successful programmes in Botswana, Nigeria and Tanzania. Youth to Youth is a vivid account of how three youth-led NGOs and a football club in Kenya became involved in HIV prevention work.

Copies of these books are available free of charge to organisations in sub-saharan Africa. Available from…

TALC, PO Box 49, St Albans, Herts, AL1 5TX, UK.

New booklets from Studio Driya Media

Caring for the Elderly at Home

This booklet provides simple guidelines to help families in dealing with the common health problems of elderly people. It covers subjects such as preventing accidents, exercise, nutrition, illnesses, dying and caring for a bedridden person at home. This is available in English and Indonesian.

Farmer Experimentation

This well-illustrated booklet looks at how to encourage experimentation among groups of farmers so they can better judge new methods or crop varieties. Again, it is available in Indonesian (single copies are free) and in English for US $4.00.

Order the Indonesian versions from

Studio Driya Media, Jl Rajamantri Tengah IV #12, Bandung 40264, West Java, Indonesia. E-mail:

and the English versions from World Neighbours, 4127 NW 122 Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73120-8869, USA.

Eye Diseases in Hot Climates

by John Sandford-Smith

This is an updated edition of an excellent and detailed guide to eye care written in clear English. It provides comprehensive and practical information on all aspects of eye care in the tropics. Highly recommended for medical staff at all levels. With 352 pages, its price has been kept low with generous financial support. Available from TALC (address on page 12).

Women’s Health Exchange

This is a new eight-page newsletter which aims to provide information on women’s health. It is produced by the organisation responsible for the excellent Where there is no Doctor series. It is available in English and Spanish, free of charge. Highly recommended.

Order from:

The Hesperian Foundation, 1919 Addison Street #304, Berkeley, CA 74704, USA. E-mail:

The Hesperian Foundation also have grants available to any grassroots health groups wanting to make their publications accessible to local people with few or no literacy skills.