Using the internet and mobile phones as part of the Advocacy Cycle

How can the use of the internet and mobile phones be integrated into the Advocacy Cycle?

The internet and mobile phones can play a useful role in any advocacy initiative. An organisation does not need to spend a lot of money or have technical expertise to use them in advocacy work. However, it helps if a reliable internet connection is available. 

Advantages of using the internet and mobile phones for advocacy: 

  • They are everywhere: Many people have access to a computer and/or a mobile phone so it can be easy to connect with large numbers of people 
  • They are fast: Messages containing important information can be sent out within a few moments, and responses can be received in real time 
  • They increase access to information: Information that might previously have been only available to a few people can now be accessed by many through the internet 

Disadvantages of using the internet and mobile phones for advocacy: 

  • Poor security: Governments in some countries are able to control access to different websites and/or mobile phone networks 
  • Poor connectivity: not everyone has a reliable internet connection and/or a reliable source of electricity or power
  • Wrong motivations: Sometimes people use technology because it is trendy rather than because it will be helpful in bringing an advocacy change

Here are some ideas for using the internet and mobile phones in specific parts of the Advocacy Cycle: