Building movements for advocacy

The vision for Tearfund’s global mobilising and advocacy work is a world where all people not only have their basic needs met, but are able to experience life in all its fullness. A world where relationships are restored with God, with each other and with creation itself.  

We have seen great success in alleviating poverty in the last 25 years. Aid has played an important part, but the economic growth of countries themselves has been key. However, these successes have been at the cost of the environment, and have resulted in rising inequality. Our global mobilising work therefore focuses on efforts to work towards an economy that enables everyone to have their basic needs met, ensures we all live within our environmental limits and keeps inequality from getting out of hand. 

We believe significant progress towards this is possible if we - the church - live differently, pray and call on the powerful for change as part of a growing movement. As Tearfund’s Restorative Economy report says, ‘When extraordinary things are achieved against apparently impossible odds, it’s often because of a shift in values and a civil society movement that pushes for change.’ In God’s faithfulness, Christians and churches are so often central to these movements.  

There are already many examples of individuals and communities who are living differently and campaigning for change - from communities in Nepal protecting their forests, to movements of Christians in Brazil who are lobbying politicians for environmental justice. For case studies, click here. And please do get in touch with us. To share about the mobilising work you are doing, or to ask any questions, please email