Trabalhando com faculdades de teologia (em inglês)

Summary: Helping theological college students to understand the theology and practice of integral mission in order to apply it in their future ministry, through:

  • Influencing the curricula of Bible colleges/ theological institutions
  • Supporting intern programmes for students with churches and organisations practising integral mission

Information about working with theological colleges 

Guidance about how to work with Bible colleges/ theological institutions so that they use a curriculum focused on integral mission (PDF 32 KB)

A case study of CANA, India, which has worked successfully with theological colleges in integrating HIV issues throughout their curricula (PDF 36 KB)

Guidance about how to support an intern programme (PDF 33 KB)

A case study about the Union Biblical Seminary’s intern programme in India, which has led to transformation in the lives of many students (PDF 34 KB)

Stories of the impact of the Union Biblical Seminary’s intern programme on students, their placement organisations and the college (PDF 35 KB)