Estudos de casos (em inglês)

These case studies from the DRR work of Tearfund and its partners are intended to share learning and to encourage the adoption and replication of good practice.

Featured case study: 

Peace building work in Darfur (PDF 2.5 MB)

The aim of Tearfund’s peace-building work is to support activities and processes that will enable diverse communities to come together through common goals and improve peaceful co-existence, trust and confidence towards early recovery. Find out more from this case study.

Other case studies:

More food in Malawi (PDF 1.4 MB)

As a result of Tearfund partners' DRR work, the food security of many living in rural Malawi has been dramatically improved. In the words of a community member, they ‘are now really fighting hunger’

Drought Mitigation in Rajasthan (PDF 249 KB) 

Indian partner Discipleship Centre (DC) implemented a DRR project in drought-affected Rajasthan. Communities there have already begun experiencing the effects of climate change with increasing temperatures and more frequent droughts.

Benefits of Multi-stakeholder Flood Mitigation in Malawi (PDF 414 KB) 

In Malawi, our partner Eagles has learnt the advantages of involving all stakeholders and using multi-sector teams in the implementation of DRR interventions.

Raising awareness of risk through radio in Afghanistan (PDF 249 KB)

Tearfund's operational programme in Afghanistan used radio to reach the most vulnerable (including women), with risk awareness and risk management messages.

Development and Risk Reduction in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh: A case study (PDF 589 KB)

The people described in this case study are affected by a combination of drought and flooding during different seasons. Tearfund partner organisation Eficor has integrated disaster risk reduction activities into development planning in order to assist vulnerable groups.

Disaster Risk Reduction in the Indian state of Bihar: A case study (PDF 521 KB)

Millions of people are affected by severe flooding annually in Bihar. This case study explains why this is the case and how a Tearfund partner organisation, Discipleship Centre, is reducing people's vulnerability to this major hazard.

Mini case studies

Click here for a list of short 'snapshots' of DRR work from Tearfund partners in five countries.