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Region- and country-specific research on the root causes of disaster and the potential for DRR.

DEC Pakistan DRR report (June 2012) (PDF 1.9 MB)

The DEC mobilised more than GBP £70 million for relief and recovery work in Pakistan after the 2010 floods. In order to review the extent to which member agencies succeeded in enhancing community resilience, the DEC commissioned a research study to review the nature, strengths and weaknesses of the national Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) system in Pakistan, the extent to which DEC member agencies contributed to DRR outcomes through their programme, advocacy and coordination work, and the lessons and recommendations for increasing the effectiveness of DRR work in Pakistan.

Soil Stabilised Blocks (PDF 1.9 MB)
Use of Stabilised Soil Blocks for latrine construction: experiences from Darfur, Sudan (2011 WEDC International Conference) (PDF 171 KB)

In Darfur, Sudan, Tearfund has piloted the use of Soil Stabilised Blocks (SSB) as a low-cost, environmentally friendly construction technique since 2008. This initiative has been successfully used in water and sanitation activities (building of latrines etc) as well as construction of classrooms, thereby conserving trees and water. Tearfund aims to share this good practice and learning from Sudan with other stakeholders who work in similar environments.

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