Environment and climate

Tearfund is committed in everything we do to not harming the environment. This includes:

  • Reducing our own environmental footprint
  • Assessing and responding to the impacts of climate and environmental change, with local development agencies and communities
  • Responding to the inter-relationship between environment and climate change, natural disasters, water stress, food insecurity and ecosystem services
  • Encouraging policy makers and Tearfund supporters towards environmental sustainability

The resources below are designed to assist in understanding and responding to these issues.

To find out more about Tearfund's work on environmental sustainability, please email: cedra@tearfund.org

To read our policy and research on climate change, click here.


CEDRA (Climate change and Environmental Degradation Risk and Adaptation assessment) helps you strengthen all of your projects against climate and environmental change.

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Environmental assessment

Environmental assessment helps you assess the impact of your project on the local environment.

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Related documents

Policy and practice reports and tools.

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