Policy and research: Climate and Energy

Climate change 

Climate change threatens the natural balance of the world. Tackling it is about both the environment and people. It’s about securing a better life for future generations and communities today.

In 1992 Tearfund became the first large international development NGO to work in this area, because of the effects being caused to partners across the globe. Climate change has the potential to push over 100 million people back into poverty by 2030. More frequent storms, droughts and floods mean crops ruined, people going hungry, and children missing out on education.

Since then, Tearfund has continued to be a pioneering voice on tackling the root causes of climate change, as well as working with communities to build their resilience to its impacts.

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Clean, renewable energy

Investing in clean, renewable energy is an opportunity to tackle both climate change and poverty. It’s an injustice that over one billion people do not have electricity and over two billion still use firewood, charcoal and dung to cook, whilst clean electricity and cooking solutions exist to reduce poverty.

People need access to clean, affordable, sustainable and safe energy to get out of poverty. The quickest and cheapest way to improve access to energy for people living in poverty is through renewable energy such as solar, water or wind power. Households and communities in remote villages in developing countries can access it locally (off-grid), rather than waiting decades for a slow, expensive national grid to reach them. It’s clean (rather than using dirty, polluting fossil fuels) and renewable. Clean energy enables access to healthcare 24 hours a day, women to walk safely at night, children to do their homework and provides local jobs.


  • Power to the people: how one woman brought light to her community
    When Betty invested her self-help group loan in a solar panel she did more than just connect her village to electricity — she connected them to each other.

  • Renewable energy and your community
    Over two billion people depend on wood and wood products for cooking. Wood smoke exposes people to fumes that can damage their health. However, renewable energy can provide alternative sources of light and fuel. Renewable energy uses sources such as wind, water power and sunshine.