How can I sign up to receive Footsteps regularly?

Footsteps is a magazine that shares information, ideas, contacts and experience in a Christian context at grassroots level. Readers include Tearfund partners and other community development organisations in more than 150 countries. It is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Printed and electronic versions of Footsteps are produced three times a year. Paper copies are especially useful for sharing with other individuals and with groups. Many articles in Footsteps are ideal for use in literacy classes and in health and development training at community level. We encourage readers with good internet access to receive e-footsteps, either to supplement the paper version or to replace it if they are not sharing their paper copy with others or using it in training. This reduces our costs and reflects our environmental policy. e-footsteps is free of charge

Sign up for Footsteps magazine

To help with the cost of producing Footsteps, we ask for a voluntary donation from UK subscribers and those in other countries who are able to pay. Please email to find out more.

Recent back copies are available to purchase on our webshop.

How does Tearfund decide where to work?

Tearfund works in around 50 of the poorest countries. These have been selected according to internationally indicators of poverty.

We understand that there are many needs across the world and many places where people are still living in poverty. Tearfund has to make some very hard decisions about how to use the limited financial resources that are entrusted to us and it is not possible for us to support every country.

If you would like to find out which countries we work in and the projects we are doing there, go to

I work for a community development organisation and we would benefit from your publications. Can I order hard copies of publications free of charge?

It is great to know that many people are benefiting from the expertise and information in our international publications. If you can afford to pay full price this helps to support those who cannot. You can buy our publications at full price from our webshop

We can offer one free publication to those who are unable to pay. We are also happy to send one free copy of a CD-ROM or USB drive containing multiple editions. Additional copies or editions of printed publications can be purchased at a reduced rate: 

Printed ROOTS books cost £8 each, printed PILLARS Guides and workbooks cost £6 each, CD-ROMs and DVDs cost £2.50 each and USB drives £4. 

Contact us directly at to request a free publication and to buy publications at the reduced rate. Alternatively, you can download publications free of charge.

You have sent me some resources but they have not arrived. Can you send them again please?

It can take up to 14 weeks for resources to arrive at international destinations. If you have not received your order after 14 weeks, please enquire about it at your local mailing office (if possible) before reporting the missing parcel to us.

If your postal service is not always reliable please provide Tearfund with a more secure address to use when the parcel is sent a second time.

How can I request that particular topics are included in future issues of Footsteps?

It is great to receive suggestions about what you would like to see included in future editions of Footsteps. You can email your feedback and suggestions to send on to the Editors using the ‘Contact us’ form.

Please use the search box on this website to find out if Tearfund has already produced articles and resources about your topic of interest.

Can Tearfund help my project or organisation?

Tearfund is currently focusing its attention and resources on existing partners. We know that there are many worthwhile projects and organisations in need of support but we do not have the capacity to take on new partners at this time.

Within each of our focus countries we outwork a country strategy with partner organisations. The strategy is designed to make the best use of both Tearfund’s and our partners’ resources in responding to people living in poverty. For example, in India we have agreed with our partners that we will focus primarily on the poorer states of Bihar and Orissa. Likewise, in Brazil we will be focusing on arid regions in the North and North East. Partners are selected according to criteria, which include sharing Tearfund’s Christian ethos, mission and values. To find out more about what some of our partners are doing you may be interested to visit the following website:

Tearfund Learn was created to share Tearfund’s learning with those involved in similar work. We hope that you will find non-financial resources that will help your work to flourish. Our ROOTS guide on Fundraising will give you advice on ways to support your project financially.

Did you find the answer to your question? If not, email us at and we would be happy to help.